Cox Communications: Lead Generation Winner!

Cox Communications: Lead Generation Winner!

International ad agency Initiative Media helped Cox Communications introduced mobile telephone service to Southern California with a multi-media campaign to find prospects wishing to change their mobile phone service.

This lead generating campaign built a database of consumers nearing the end of their existing mobile contract and identified those interested in exploring options with another provider. A secondary objective was to leverage their advertising budget to increase awareness for mobile services through traditional mass media partners.

The Campaign

We created, managed and administered Cox Go Mobile, an enter-to-win giveaway offering the winner a choice of seven exotic vacations. Each destination was promoted separately as a special promotion on television stations airing the Cox television campaign. With our unique multiple entry location technologies, each TV partner promoted entry on their own website, giving each partner a greater stake in the campaign.

In addition to the media partners, entry points included Cox’ website and Facebook page and their retail stores via mobile (QR) code.

The Results

Cox Communications attracted more than 23,000 opt-in entrants to their database, with 86% completing simple survey questions. Armed with the intelligence to follow up with relevant messages, promotions, and offers, the Cox Go Mobile promotion was a successful catalyst to launch the new offering and convert contacts to leads, and leads into customers.

Radio Client Triples Database and Increases Ratings 26%

Radio Client Triples Database and Increases Ratings 26%

Case Study Overview

San Diego radio station Magic 92.5 faces challenges in one of the most competitive radio markets in the United States. Their signal reaches only 3/4 of the market, and they program to a narrow audience with a niche format. Knowing the path to sustained success is identifying and communicating with as many prospects as possible, and also needing immediate ratings growth, we built a customized Listen and Win campaign.

The Promotion

The instructions were simple: Fill out an entry form to tell us who you are, then listen for your name at the top of every hour. When you hear your name, respond in 10 minutes to win $500 cash!

The campaign was promoted on the air, on the station’s website, on Facebook and with a few carefully placed online ads on San Diego websites.

The Results

In the six week campaign:

  • The station database grew from 12,000 to 36,000, a 300% increase!
  •  22% of entrants shared the promotion with friends on Facebook!
  • Nearly 1/3 of all entries were from friend referrals, increasing station cume!
  • Ratings increased by 26% in the promotion time periods.
  • Total listener base grew (station reach) increased by over 15%!

The massive response proves that the right incentive, easy execution, and defined objectives will deliver measurable and meaningful results.

How to Generate Leads with Promotions

How to Generate Leads with Promotions

Data has been described as the new gold. Generating qualified leads relies on accurate, actionable data, and gathering that information is about knowing what to ask, how to ask it, and making it worth their time to respond.

With our campaigns, you can learn virtually anything about entrants. Do you need to know how your brand is perceived against competitors? We can do that. Or, would you like to know why and how they use your product or service? Or maybe you just want to know when they’re ready to buy! The possibilities are endless.

We gather this information with survey questions designed to identify prospects (interested but not necessarily ready to buy right now) and hot leads (ready to make a buying decision). By embedding the questions inside the promotion, you get a new source of leads.

Does it work? Oh, yes! In a recent promotion, 97% of all entrants answered, at least, three questions, resulting in over 8,200 new leads interested in our client’s product.

Promotions are effective if they attract new contacts that become customers. We can help your team turn leads into sales!

How to Lower the Cost Customer Acquisition

How to Lower the Cost Customer Acquisition

Traditional marketing is hard to measure. You run ads in print, radio, and TV and hope your business increases as a result. But how do you know it’s effective? The fundamental questions on the health of marketing are how many new customers you are attracting, and how much new customers cost.

Here are the important considerations:

  1. What percentage of your sales volume comes from repeat or referral customers? These customers are driven to you by past satisfaction. Don’t read any further, until you’ve decided on a percentage. Give it your best estimate.
  2. What percentage of your sales volume is triggered by your location and its exterior signage? These customers come to you because of your visibility. Again, write down a percentage, your best estimate.
  3. Add those two percentages together, then subtract from 100. This is the percentage of new customers who come to you because of your ads or external forces.
  4. How many unique customers have you served in the past 12 months? Write down a specific number. You’ll probably need to consult your records.
  5. Apply the % of ad-driven traffic to the total number of unique customers in the past 12 months. This will show you how many new customers were served in the past 12 months because of advertising. (If your ad-driven traffic was 20 percent and your Unique Customer Count was 5,000, then you had 1,000 ad-driven customers.)
  6. Divide that number into your annual advertising budget. This is the Cost of Customer Acquisition by advertising. It’s how much you spend on advertising to gain one new customer. The formula doesn’t calculate the cost of referral customers because these customers don’t have a direct cost. They are an indirect cost of customer service and relationship management.

Your cost of new customer acquisition will likely be much higher than you expected. Here are the obvious questions:

  • With the cost of new customer acquisition so high, why advertise? The primary goal of advertising is to acquire new customers. Your repeat and referral business depends on it. Good customers move to other towns, or die, and you never see them again. Additionally, new people move into your market and have no idea you exist. Maintaining top of mind awareness is important.
  •  I Can’t stop advertising, but how can we reduce the Cost of Customer Acquisition? What if your advertising messages were adjusted to drive response to a promotion? A specific call-to-action that resulted in reaching contacts on a personal level. Wouldn’t it be easier to convince a new contact to enter a free promotion than to come into your store? As you learn more about them through their profile and embedded survey data, you gain insight to lead them through the engagement cycle.
  • If referrals are the most efficient way to grow, how can I increase sharing? By marketing directly to respondents (email, text, etc.), your investment in promotions yields recurring value. Since each entrant is incentivized to share the promotion with friends and social networks, your advertising is leveraged far beyond direct responses. This “snowball” effect gains momentum and future promotions and offers have more impact with less reliance on traditional (expensive) advertising.

Lead generating promotions are one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of marketing. Combined with creative messaging in existing advertising, your marketing expenses become measurable and customer acquisition costs will be reduced.

Online Promotions for Radio Stations to Increase Ratings

Online Promotions for Radio Stations to Increase Ratings

Your station serves two customers: Listeners and Advertisers. They have very different interests. And your promotions department sits in the crosshairs between sales and programming, constantly trying to serve both masters.

Add the challenge of staying on top of ever-changing digital and social media platforms, and it’s no wonder the promotions/marketing department can be overwhelmed!

Relax! wpHatch is here to help! Our process brings sales and programming together.

Effective promotion revolves around three concepts:

  • Leading current listeners to a deeper relationship with your station.
  • Identifying and recruiting new listeners to grow cume.
  • Streamline sales promotion process to be more effective and easier to manage.

Our team works with your staff to achieve all three objectives by:

  1. Sort what’s important. Most stations try to do too much. As a result, many (most) initiatives fall short of potential.
  2. Build Listener Relationships. Developing a large, smart listener database will fuel both programming and promotion.
  3. Deliver Results. You’ll be your company’s hero when the process results in higher ratings and new sources of revenue!

We train your staff, guide your strategy and work hand-in-hand to stay on track with creative, practical, actionable step by step advice.

I'd Play For That Moments on the Radio

I’d Play For That Moments on the Radio

Contests are more popular than ever. The data is indisputable. Research proves that a record number of consumers are participating with interactive promotions. What does that mean to you and how can you use it to convert their passion to win into new customers?

When you design creative promotions that deliver offers they care about, your contest can stand out and attract active responses from users who love promotions (contests players), as well as those more casual participants. Your job, as a marketer, is to inspire action from the right people at the right time. The hyperactive respondent is valuable, but your success will rely on creating “I’d play for that” moments.

This starts with a choice. Promotions that award a winner’s choice of prizes reach more participants without increasing your promotion budget. For example, a travel company offering an expense paid vacation to the winner’s choice of Europe, Australia, Asia, New York or the Caribbean can expand contest appeal with no impact on cost. We call these promotions “Showcase” style promotions, as they showcase multiple (usually up to seven) prizes, paying off only the winner’s choice.

If you know your listener’s preferences (and you can with a smart database cultivated through embedded survey questions), you can target them with specific messages for the showcase prize most likely to attract a response. The result is a choice-based promotion tailored to individual tastes. We call them Showcase Promotions, and we can show you how to use them to attract more listeners and generate new revenue.

Greater choice means more personalized options, improved response, and a better bottom line.