Using a Smart Database to Increase Radio Ratings

Using a Smart Database to Increase Radio Ratings

What if you could know everything about your listener?

When they listen. Their music preference. Why they listen. What they do in their spare time. The prizes they want to win. Their relationship status. Where they work. When they work.

With knowledge of their tastes, behavior and perceptions, your messages can be targeted specifically to an individual in a deeply personal way.

By leveraging the power of digital tools, social media and mobile engagement, our techniques develop smart profiles that identify characteristics and lead to a direct, one-to-one relationship with your audience…and even better: Potential listeners who may not have discovered you yet!

Armed with actionable, meaningful data, direct marketing tactics will cause ratings to soar. One client increased 1/4 hour share by 26% in just six weeks. 

That’s not just a smart database, it’s smart marketing. And it fits perfectly into your existing programming.

Why Email Marketing is Critical To Success

Why Email Marketing is Critical To Success

Almost every adult checks their email every single day. According to data, the figure ranges from 88% to as much as 95%. That’s more than visit any other platform, including Facebook!

Of course, competition for space in the inbox is fierce, but email remains an inexpensive and critical means of communicating to fans and potential fans. So here’s why YOU should care about growing your database:

  1. You Own It. Facebook Likes and Twitter followers are in other platforms. Their reach is powerful, but it’s mediated by a third party. The email addresses are yours forever, and nobody can take them away from you by changing policies or denying access.
  2. Personal Connections. Your email list is a goldmine, if you use it properly. It allows you to understand listeners and their preferences. Targeting relevant messages to the right people is virtually unmatched with email marketing, if you take the time to gather the right data first.
  3. Email is Effective. Facebook reach (the number of fans who actually see posts in their News Feed) is only 6%. Targeted, relevant email open rates are usually in the 20-30% range, some even higher. Your message is 5 times more likely to be seen in an email than on Facebook!
  4. Email Drives Response. 2/3 of online customers make purchases as a result of email. Delivering the right message with an attractive offer delivers results.
  5. It’s Easy to Do. It’s not that expensive to design and send emails. And, with the right message, you can send them frequently.
  6. It’s a Profit Center. By extending your reach to advertisers, and helping them find new customers, your email list becomes a new media, with tremendous revenue potential.

As part of our digital strategies, we help you build smart databases – and make the most of them by. As your database grows, your response rates increase and revenue skyrockets. Let us help you get started!