The Power of Radio Promotion

The Power of Radio Promotion

Mark Kasoff is an excellent researcher, and a smart guy, and I don’t say that just because of the findings in his new study on the attitudes and behavior of radio listeners regarding contests.

In his article, Listeners Surprisingly Positive on Contests, Mark points to the growing power of interactive promotions that we’ve observed for the last few years. He says,

I’ve never pushed contesting as a panacea for (radio) stations. A good contest can’t make a bad station successful… Yes, contests can be a real edge for a station, and for traditional radio in general.”

Kasoff’s survey of 18-64 year old radio listeners supports the conclusions of consultant Alan Burns, and provides another reason for broadcasters to increase their attention on this traditional radio advantage.

His findings prove that contests: a) make a station more interesting to listen to, and b) positively affect at least 1/3 of the audience to listen more almost no downside risk.

Kasoff says,

I’m blown away by these numbers. Even if we toss in the requisite ‘grain of salt’, there’s no conclusion other than contesting can be a very good thing!

And, check this out: 12% agree a lot with the statement: You would listen to a station you don’t like just for a chance to win its contest!

Combine this information with the Burns observation that contest players are 55% more likely to participate with a radio ratings service, and you begin to understand the value of having a relationship with “contest types.”

We conducted our own research with embedded survey questions in (enter to win) giveaways. In one market, we found 689 entrants who said that they were currently participating in a radio service that asks you to record your radio listening.

Kasoff concludes:

It’s true that contests have no impact on the majority of listeners’ interest in a station, or how much they listen to it. But there remains a substantial percentage that are impacted by contests, and in an overwhelmingly positive way.

Better yet: Those that are affected, are precisely the ones you want and need to reach.

Though Kasoff and Burns stop short of suggesting tactics for engaging these high value respondents, they both likely would support an aggressive on-air contesting strategy.

We agree with that premise, but take it one step further: What if you had a direct, one-to-one relationship with those folks, and could communicate with them at any time in a series of connected, interactive promotions that led them back to specific appointment tune in occasions? Day after day, week after week?

WP Hatch can help you find them and recruit them as high value listener respondents. Contact us to get started.

Using Online Promotions and Giveaways to Get to Know Your Audience

Using Online Promotions and Giveaways to Get to Know Your Audience

Data has been described as the new gold. Generating qualified respondents relies on accurate, actionable data, and gathering that information is about knowing what to ask, how to ask it, and making it worth listener’s time to respond.

If you ask it the right way, you can learn virtually anything about your audience. Do you need to know how your radio station is perceived against competitors? We can do that. What other stations do they listen to? No problem. When and why do they tune out? And what unique features on your station bring them back? Do they listen at work? The possibilities are endless.

By extending promotion offers beyond your current audience, we can even identify those prospects who may not listen now, but fit your station target audience. With a direct relationship, you can lead them to tune-in sampling.

Does it work? Yes! In a recent promotion for one of our clients, 97% of all entrants answered at least three questions, resulting in over 8,200 responses, each a prospective new listener that could deliver 1/4 hours indefinitely, if you manage the database properly and invite them to participate based on their interests.

Radio Group Increases Digital Sales 500%

Case Study: Radio Group Increases Digital Sales 500%

Case Study Overview

While radio advertising declines (-3%), and radio digital revenue grows (+18%), one of our radio clients (3 stations in a large market) has increased digital revenue by 500%.

They’ve increased from $400,000 per year to over $2.1 million.

And, they did it without adding clutter. In fact, they increased ratings, grew their database to 9% of the market’s population and funded expansion to include a dedicated digital sales team.

Their growth will continue.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Developed a strategy and enforced the vision throughout the company.
  2. Invested in the right infrastructure, with controlled, systematic growth.
  3. They didn’t try to do everything, but focused on executing with excellence.
  4. They hired us to help guide audience acquisition and revenue generation.

Are you engaging your audience online, via social media and on location? Is it converting into measurable results? Are you increasing ratings? How is your digital revenue plan?

Want some of this for your brand? Contact us today.

How to Increase Radio Sales

How to Increase Radio Sales

Notorious outlaw Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks. He said:

Simple. That’s where the money is.

The Radio Advertising Bureau reported that radio revenue has declined by 3% (download report here). And this was a year for economic recovery. The decline would have been greater, but:

Digital revenue increased by 18% and non-spot revenue by 7%.

18% is great, but it could be so much more. One of our clients has grown annual digital revenue by over 500% (to almost $2 million per year). Read more here.

WP Hatch to the rescue! To thrive, radio stations must grow revenue by harvesting sales from new sources. And we’ll show you how, with our creative, clear step-by-step training process. Here’s how:

  1. Establish Goals. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We help you set realistic, achievable expectations.
  2. Training account executives. We de-mystify digital sales, offering easy-to-present, non-threatening packages.
  3. Demonstration. We’ll even come to town and help you sell it. This builds confidence in the concept!

With a focused, methodical process, you’ll generate sales in new business categories and deliver measurable, accountable results to advertisers.

Want some of that?

Go where the money is, and capitalize on the power of your loudspeaker with our innovative digital revenue solutions.

Using a Smart Database to Increase Radio Ratings

Using a Smart Database to Increase Radio Ratings

What if you could know everything about your listener?

When they listen. Their music preference. Why they listen. What they do in their spare time. The prizes they want to win. Their relationship status. Where they work. When they work.

With knowledge of their tastes, behavior and perceptions, your messages can be targeted specifically to an individual in a deeply personal way.

By leveraging the power of digital tools, social media and mobile engagement, our techniques develop smart profiles that identify characteristics and lead to a direct, one-to-one relationship with your audience…and even better: Potential listeners who may not have discovered you yet!

Armed with actionable, meaningful data, direct marketing tactics will cause ratings to soar. One client increased 1/4 hour share by 26% in just six weeks. 

That’s not just a smart database, it’s smart marketing. And it fits perfectly into your existing programming.

Advertiser-Centric Promotions

Advertiser-Centric Promotions

It’s no secret that advertisers are changing the way they allocate ad spending, directing more of their budgets to interactive digital media. Radio sales managers have found this a challenge, but should be celebrating!

Borrell & Associates Local Promotions Forecast notes that local marketers love promotions. The report shows that advertisers are spending more and more on contests, promotions, discounts and coupons and

“…there appears to be no turning back… (Advertisers are) collecting more email addresses. In 2012, they spent 81% more on promotions, and should reach $176 BILLION in 2013.”

Find out why radio is the ideal medium to capitalize on this exciting trend. Contact us to learn how we can help you:

  • Proof that ratings respondents are contest players. That’s one of the key reasons that promotions matter to radio programmers.
  • Why building a smart database is a key to your ratings success… and can deliver hundreds of thousands of non-spot revenue! If you’re not doing it yet, let me help you get started!
  • How to get advertisers to pay you to find ratings respondents – and steal listeners from your competition!
  • Tactics that will ensure success of your next promotion before you ever run a single promo on the air!
  • How to generate real non-spot revenue… by generating sales without adding promos!
  • New ways to deliver accountable results including hot leads in real time—directly to your advertisers!
  • New routes to revenue-generation, including promotions that generate real-time hot leads for advertisers… and ring your cash register with each qualified entry.
Radio Client Triples Database and Increases Ratings 26%

Radio Client Triples Database and Increases Ratings 26%

Case Study Overview

San Diego radio station Magic 92.5 faces challenges in one of the most competitive radio markets in the United States. Their signal reaches only 3/4 of the market, and they program to a narrow audience with a niche format. Knowing the path to sustained success is identifying and communicating with as many prospects as possible, and also needing immediate ratings growth, we built a customized Listen and Win campaign.

The Promotion

The instructions were simple: Fill out an entry form to tell us who you are, then listen for your name at the top of every hour. When you hear your name, respond in 10 minutes to win $500 cash!

The campaign was promoted on the air, on the station’s website, on Facebook and with a few carefully placed online ads on San Diego websites.

The Results

In the six week campaign:

  • The station database grew from 12,000 to 36,000, a 300% increase!
  •  22% of entrants shared the promotion with friends on Facebook!
  • Nearly 1/3 of all entries were from friend referrals, increasing station cume!
  • Ratings increased by 26% in the promotion time periods.
  • Total listener base grew (station reach) increased by over 15%!

The massive response proves that the right incentive, easy execution, and defined objectives will deliver measurable and meaningful results.

Online Promotions for Radio Stations to Increase Ratings

Online Promotions for Radio Stations to Increase Ratings

Your station serves two customers: Listeners and Advertisers. They have very different interests. And your promotions department sits in the crosshairs between sales and programming, constantly trying to serve both masters.

Add the challenge of staying on top of ever-changing digital and social media platforms, and it’s no wonder the promotions/marketing department can be overwhelmed!

Relax! wpHatch is here to help! Our process brings sales and programming together.

Effective promotion revolves around three concepts:

  • Leading current listeners to a deeper relationship with your station.
  • Identifying and recruiting new listeners to grow cume.
  • Streamline sales promotion process to be more effective and easier to manage.

Our team works with your staff to achieve all three objectives by:

  1. Sort what’s important. Most stations try to do too much. As a result, many (most) initiatives fall short of potential.
  2. Build Listener Relationships. Developing a large, smart listener database will fuel both programming and promotion.
  3. Deliver Results. You’ll be your company’s hero when the process results in higher ratings and new sources of revenue!

We train your staff, guide your strategy and work hand-in-hand to stay on track with creative, practical, actionable step by step advice.