How Metro News More Than Tripled Facebook Fans in 30 Days

How Metro News More Than Tripled Facebook Fans in 30 Days

Case Study Overview

Publisher Metro News (Canada) launched a campaign to promote their Facebook pages in Windsor, Hamilton, Victoria, and Kitchener, they turned to us to deliver new likes and encourage downloads for their new iPad app. Their goal was to reach 1,000 likes in each market during a four-week promotion.

The Promotion

To publicize the new iPad app, a giveaway to win a new iPad was launched on all four Facebook pages.

We encouraged app downloads in an aggressive on-line and email campaign to each entrant, emphasizing Metro News core value of local, community-based content available in the new app.

To raise awareness, we built and managed a Facebook ad campaign targeting residents of each community.

The Results

This 30-day campaign exceeded all goals for each of the four markets in less than 3 weeks. The targeted ad campaign worked in attracting entrants. From there, entrants spread the message virally through their social networks and contacts with our convenient feature that awards extra entries for sharing.

At the end of the campaign, results exceeded expectation by more than 40%!

How to Get More Radio Listeners: Bribe 'em & Buy 'em

How to Get More Radio Listeners: Bribe ’em & Buy ’em

When we’re talking with programmers about the value of contests and sweepstakes in their promotion strategy, we inevitably have a conversation about the value of the type of person that enters to win.

The concept of Bribe Them and Buy Them is a marketing technique to attract customers beyond that which the product can generate on its own.

Incentives (coupons, discounts, free gifts, or a chance to win) are important tactics in a marketing strategy. and no business is better at providing incentives to take action than radio.

A giveaway is easy and fast to implement, provide results in real time, are cost-effective and deliver measurable, accountable return on investment (ROI).

Sandra Fathi, President of Affect Strategies, says,

I have yet to find an organization — business-to-business or business-to-consumer — that would not benefit from some type of online contest.

Used properly (and following up with respondents) can help you:

  • Accelerate social media participation
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate “heat” on your station
  • Increase tune-in
  • Drive listening occasions
  • Reward existing customers

How To Conduct Your Own Giveaways & Contests

1. Create the Contest. Sweepstakes are a random drawing, but for contests, there are many ways to choose a winner, including video, photo or essay submissions. Public voting is an especially popular choice, as it involves entrants to spread your promotion to their friends. When setting up your contest, be sure to observe laws that may affect entry eligibility. c.saw media + promotions can advise you and help you develop a campaign that fits your needs.

2. Choose the technology. You have many choices here. Choosing the right one is key to your campaign’s success. We bring you alternatives that fit your budget and accomplish your goals.

3. Allocate Resources. It’s highly likely that the marketing department, sales department, legal department and PR team will all be involved in a successful contest. Your campaign will require attention, time and promotion. If you don’t have resources in-house, you can outsource management. We can offer contest administration and management services, and can operate your promotion with no disruption to your team.

4. Prizes. The incentive that drives your audience to act is an important consideration. If you know your target audience, you should be able to design an attractive prize that appeals to them. It’s important to match the offering to your objectives as well as consider the effort required to enter, which is especially important for contests.

Sandra says:

If I just have to provide my email address to enter to win a free ice cream cone, that might be enough of an incentive. However, if I need to create a commercial for an ice cream brand, including write a script, create a video and solicit votes, my prize better be at least a truckload of ice cream.

5. Harvest the Leads. Attention is only valuable if you act on the new contact you’ve acquired. How you follow up to turn a contact into revenue is the most important part of any campaign. For best results, respond quickly, succinctly, and provide an additional incentive for taking another action. In all communication, deliver a specific, targeted message based on the intelligence you’ve collected in the entry process.

When to use Giveaways and Sweepstakes for your brand

When to use Giveaways & Sweepstakes

Giveaways are simple enter-to-win contests. One of the biggest advantages is ease of entry. It’s fast and easy to participate.

We build beautiful, customized giveaways with powerful features. Each promotion is integrated with social media, making it easy for entrants to share with contacts, friends and followers to earn extra entries. Multi-platform publishing allows your campaign to appear on an unlimited number of entry points, including any website, blog, Facebook and more. Your promotion works seamlessly on any smartphone, so mobile entry on location is a breeze.


  • Fast, easy entry attracts more entrants.
  • Easy to administer and manage.
  • Can publish to social media sites.


  • Lower viral spread than contests with voting.
  • Less “sticky” than some promotions.

Use a Giveaway for:

  • Increasing awareness of a new product.
  • Free trials of a product.
  • Gathering contacts, prospects, leads and hot leads.
  • Building email marketing lists.
  • Identifying tastes, behaviors and perceptions.
  • Generating referrals from entrants.
  • Increasing traffic to your site.
  • Grow social media fans (Facebook).

Critical for success:

  • Prize/offer appropriate to your brand objectives.
  • Ability to publish on multiple sites/platforms.
  • A good set of rules that comply with sweepstakes laws!
  • Great design, clear messaging on landing page(s).
  • Actionable survey questions embedded in promotion.
  • Auto-reply email message with call-to-action.
  • A promotion plan to drive traffic to your giveaway.
  • Strategy to entice sharing to activate viral activity.
  • Plan to follow up with entrants.

With a custom giveaway, you tell us what you, and we make it happen. Are you ready to get started? We handle all of the details! Get started today!

Cruise Company Generates $900,000 in Qualified Leads

Cruise Company Generates $900,000 in Qualified Leads

Case Study Overview

How would you like 8,421 customers interested in buying your product or service? That’s what happened with this lead generation campaign with Cruise Connections.

The goal was to find new prospects interested in cruises, engage them with an offer, and identify leads most likely to purchase a cruise in the near future. A secondary goal was increasing Facebook fans.

The Campaign

We set up, managed and administered a Choose Your Cruise giveaway, offering a cruise for two to the winner’s choice of destinations. It was promoted on the client’s website and marketed aggressively with a targeted email campaign we organized on their behalf. To engage Facebook visitors, a targeted display advertising campaign directed entrants to the Cruise Connection’s Facebook page.

To separate contacts (those just entering to win) from prospects (interested candidates, but no immediate purchase intention) and qualified leads (ready to buy now!), three qualifying questions revealed the most enthusiastic cruisers, their preferred destinations and when they planned their next cruise. Reply email messages with discount offers were sent based on their survey answers.

The Results

In this 8-week campaign:

  • Attracted 24,689 total entries.
  • 8,421 were qualified leads (entrants who planned to cruise in the next six months and wanted an offer by phone or email).
  • With an expected conversion rate of 27%, 2,273 sales were expected.
  • Their expected profit per conversion is $400.
  • 2,273 sales x $400 profit = $905,000!!!!

These are new customers with lifetime value, and will continue to deliver increased revenue and sales for years, Plus, the prospects and contacts are all prime candidates to become customers over time. We already know they’re interested in cruises, just by entering the giveaway.

Cox Communications: Lead Generation Winner!

Cox Communications: Lead Generation Winner!

International ad agency Initiative Media helped Cox Communications introduced mobile telephone service to Southern California with a multi-media campaign to find prospects wishing to change their mobile phone service.

This lead generating campaign built a database of consumers nearing the end of their existing mobile contract and identified those interested in exploring options with another provider. A secondary objective was to leverage their advertising budget to increase awareness for mobile services through traditional mass media partners.

The Campaign

We created, managed and administered Cox Go Mobile, an enter-to-win giveaway offering the winner a choice of seven exotic vacations. Each destination was promoted separately as a special promotion on television stations airing the Cox television campaign. With our unique multiple entry location technologies, each TV partner promoted entry on their own website, giving each partner a greater stake in the campaign.

In addition to the media partners, entry points included Cox’ website and Facebook page and their retail stores via mobile (QR) code.

The Results

Cox Communications attracted more than 23,000 opt-in entrants to their database, with 86% completing simple survey questions. Armed with the intelligence to follow up with relevant messages, promotions, and offers, the Cox Go Mobile promotion was a successful catalyst to launch the new offering and convert contacts to leads, and leads into customers.

Online Promotions for Radio Stations to Increase Ratings

Online Promotions for Radio Stations to Increase Ratings

Your station serves two customers: Listeners and Advertisers. They have very different interests. And your promotions department sits in the crosshairs between sales and programming, constantly trying to serve both masters.

Add the challenge of staying on top of ever-changing digital and social media platforms, and it’s no wonder the promotions/marketing department can be overwhelmed!

Relax! wpHatch is here to help! Our process brings sales and programming together.

Effective promotion revolves around three concepts:

  • Leading current listeners to a deeper relationship with your station.
  • Identifying and recruiting new listeners to grow cume.
  • Streamline sales promotion process to be more effective and easier to manage.

Our team works with your staff to achieve all three objectives by:

  1. Sort what’s important. Most stations try to do too much. As a result, many (most) initiatives fall short of potential.
  2. Build Listener Relationships. Developing a large, smart listener database will fuel both programming and promotion.
  3. Deliver Results. You’ll be your company’s hero when the process results in higher ratings and new sources of revenue!

We train your staff, guide your strategy and work hand-in-hand to stay on track with creative, practical, actionable step by step advice.