When to use Giveaways & Sweepstakes

When to Use Photo & Video Contests

User-generated content (UGC) promotions are highly engaging and have the added benefit of entrants actively spreading your message. There are many types of contests, but the most popular are photo entry, video contests, and essay contests. Users enter and post content to be judged or voted on, to win.

We can build your contest with many options. You can allow public voting and commenting, or choose a winner from a panel of judges, taking it out of the public’s hands.


  • Engaging and more memorable than giveaways.
  • Greater chance of viral social spread.
  • Adds content to your site or social media pages.


  • Fewer overall entries (the more you ask of the entrant, the fewer entries to expect).
  • Requires more active promotion administration.

Use a UGC promotion for:

  • Increasing traffic to social media page or landing page.
  • Spreading your brand via entrant recommendation.
  • Creating goodwill or positive feelings about brand.
  • Building email marketing lists.
  • Increasing traffic to your site.
  • Growing social media fans (Facebook).

Critical for success:

  • Easy to enter. Make sure it’s clear to entrants.
  • Clear plan to award winner.
  • Easy to share landing page to solicit votes.
  • A good set of rules that complies with contest laws!
  • Great design, clear messaging on landing page(s).
  • Regular follow-up messaging to remind entrants to encourage voting.
  • A promotion plan to drive traffic to your contest.
  • Plan to follow up with entrants.

Is a photo, video or essay contest right for you? Discuss your goals with one of our promotion specialists. We can share hundreds of ideas and help you find the right solution for your brand!